It was shortly after their respective graduations from Clemson University that Patrick and Kent first considered the idea of having their own dairy. They were working different jobs in the dairy industry and wanted to go into business for themselves.  At one time, Patrick’s family had an operational family dairy farm, and in 2010 on these same 50 acres of land, and thus the dairy business began. Patrick oversaw the business side of the dairy operation, while Kent handled the responsibility of herd management, including the day-to-day milking operations.

After a few years, the small dairy was at a crossroads. The tough economic climate of the industry required expansion into a larger dairy or adding value to the milk they were producing.  They knew how to expand the dairy, but were intrigued by the alternative of keeping the herd small where the cows are individuals and not just numbers. 

After conversations with many people, Patrick and Kent realized the unmet demand for value-added artisan dairy products in the area. Consumers frequently asked about local dairy products, especially yogurts, artisanal cheeses, and flavored butters and they recognized that individuals as well as restaurants and chefs desire locally produced, small batch, minimally processed dairy products, but had very few options.

As Patrick and Kent looked into the possibility of supplying products to meet this type of demand, their longtime friend and fellow Clemson alum, Josh Brooks joined them and they began discussing the business and financing aspects of their idea. After winning a USDA Value-Added Producer Planning Grant, we dedicated themselves to making our dream a reality and Lowcountry Creamery was born.  Experimenting began in early 2015 and launched sales in May of that year. 

Patrick, Kent, and Josh desire to impact their local community not only through the sale of quality dairy products, but also by creating jobs, educating and leading the way in linking small farmers to opportunities available through other entities.